The Interviews

The Literary License Podcast have conducted numerous interviews and we have these as side episodes for our fans.  This is a special page so you can find all our interviews together on one page.  Enjoy and drop us a line and let us know who you would like for us to interview next?   

The Jennifer Salt Interview
The Lara Parker Interview
The Lloyd Kaufman Interview
The Robert Rodan Interview
The Stephen Hopstanken and Melissa Prusi Interview
The Mary O'Leary Interview:  My Friendship with Jonathan Frid
The Adam Karlen Interview
The Kathryn Leigh Scott Interview
The Michael Hadge Interview
The Sharon Smyth Interview
The Dark Shadows Fan Club
The McClain Lindquist Interview
The Ellory Elkayem Interview
The Anna and the Apocalypse Interview - Cast and Crew
The Roger Davis Interview

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